Mike’s responsibilities encompassed all aspects of graphic design. His duties included managing design projects for four salesman, creating art for business cards, business forms and promotional items. He is very creative, organized, and dependable and was well liked by co-workers and management.

Jack K- 

Since our days in high school, Mike has proven his diligence within his industry. Mike is a hard worker and his creativity has increased throughout the years. He is not afraid of hard work and embraces learning new techniques. I would hire Michael Maurer.

Marney M-

Very goal oriented as well as a team player, Mike was always ready for a challenge. He was dedicated to his work and the job at hand. Mike’s talents are best put to use when he is given an idea or concept and let his imagination work. His work ethic is driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency. I feel confident he would be an asset to any organization.

Mike O-

Mike is a devoted hard worker, giving his all to do his best. He has an incredible relational character with the customer getting to know them very well. He has a great attention to detail and the ability to pull information and ideas out of the customer. Often times helping them decide what they want or how to achieve what they need. When Mike came to us I knew his talent and desire rested with his creative side. Having a freedom to be given design projects that he can work on for extended periods of time and having control over will fit his talents very well.

Torry J-

Mike is an extremely creative individual, possessing an eye for detail in his artwork.  His ability to integrate art into a commercial venture, such as printable plastic film and packaging materials amazed me.  With his images he can convey the right message into the finished piece, whether it’s a website, flyer or specification (data) sheet.

Now the amazing part, this creative person can also be responsible for organization of data, competent detail entry as well as vendor relationships.  Mike combines the best of both for creative and organization skills.

Peter S-